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retrofitTV highlights our US Careers Online – ‘Painter’ video

Just finished up another in our continuing series for US Careers Online, and this one is getting sudden recognition. retrofitTV has featured the video on it’s channel, as well as in it’s monthly newsletter. Always nice to see when our productions ‘work‘. 

Many thanks to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this video. Hopefully it can help to inspire young people, and maybe adults, to look into painting as a career.

"If you want a career that you can grow in, painting is a great choice. It takes time to become good, and it takes even more time to be great, but if you're willing to put in time and effort, you're going to be successful. It's pretty simple, you don't need a fancy college degree and you don't need a lot of money to start."

Philip Hansell - Hansell Painting Company

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