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A service technician on a scissor lift.

An Uplifting Project

OK, cheesy post title aside, this project is a continuation of our series for US Careers Online. We’re continually finding out about career choices out

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Photo of welder

US Careers Online

US Careers Online has chosen creative illusions Productions to be their production partner. Our task is to help procure funding for each video project, and

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XLOC Girl flying to outer space.

Game Localization – Pt 2

さて、日本版は出ていて、私たちはその写真を Oh, wait… Sorry…force of recent habit. Let’s try again – Well, the Japanese version of the XLOC video is out, and we’ve been sent

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Photo of a Live Webcast produced for PowerPlan, Inc. in Atlanta, GA

Live Webcasting

In a previous post, I was ranting about the video production industry paradigm brought over from the Hollywood model – waste. Another area that has

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Scene from a green screen shoot with McDonald's restaurant owners.


A well meaning client recently mentioned that they noticed that we tend to emphasize the cost aspect of our work, rather than the quality. The

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