Video production in Raleigh, NC that captivates, moves, motivates, and inspires your audience. We want to help you create a video that does its job...accomplishes your goal.

We provide Video Production Solutions​

ci Productions is an award winning, full-service video production studio based in Raleigh, NC. We tell compelling stories designed to help build powerful brands. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, small businesses, non-profits and creative agencies. We specialize in the creation and deployment of visual campaigns using video, the fastest growing communications medium.

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Take a look at some of our recent projects

This is the story of Hazel, and her parents' stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake in NC.

Hazel's Story

This is the story of Hazel, and her parents’ stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake in NC.

Klever Insight - The First Digital Advisor For Customer Success And Support Teams.

Klever Insight

Trade show loop video for NC based Klever Insight – The First Digital Advisor For Customer Success And Support Teams.

University of New Mexico Gallup - Fiber Optics Program

UNM Gallup - Fiber Optic Technology Program

We don’t only work in NC. Part of a series on the Course Catalog for University of New Mexico – Gallup.

University of New Mexico Gallup - Campus Tour

UNM Gallup - Campus Tour

Video tour for the campus at University of New Mexico – Gallup.

You have a choice, so why ci Productions?

ci Productions was borne from the film industry in Atlanta in the early 90’s. We were witness to the incredible amount of waste and cost overrun in that industry, and were determined to use that knowledge to bring a different model to the NC corporate video market. 

We take great pride in that we have developed long-term relationships with several clients – some even consider us the video production division of their company. We like to understand the companies we work with so that we can produce a product that feels like them.

Our pricing structure is designed to fit the client and their needs, coupled with their desired budget range. We don’t have employees that you have to pay for when they aren’t actively working on your project. However, we’ve built a team of NC based contractors over the years that we can utilize on a per-project basis, drastically reducing your cost.

BellSouth Video Shoot
Video Production

ci Productions offers full service video and media production – from script to distribution. We can tailor or services to deliver a product that fills your needs while staying in your budget range.

Motion Graphics Sample
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic video production services are used to market, sell, and explain products and services in a creative, detailed, yet simple way.

Studio Green Screen Shoot
Training Videos

The best way to train new employees the right way, is to show them the right way.

Studio Location with Green Screen
Studio Location

We have a cozy studio complete with a pre-lit green screen to save time, and therefore, money. You can walk in, do your shoot, and get out in record time.

Street Foodie Diaries - YouTube Series
Online Series

Do you have an idea for an online video series or podcast, but just can’t figure out how to get it going? We can help! We’ve helped start four online series.

Live Webcast for PowerPlan in Atlanta, GA
Live or Simulated Webcasts

From sports events, to boardroom meetings, to school graduations, we’ve been producing live webcasts for over 15 years!

Post Production Using Adobe Creative Cloud
Post Production

We offer full-service in-house video post-production services including video editing, color grading, effects, chroma keying, and motion graphics that allow us to help you build and shape your message to deliver in today’s digital world.

Whiteboard Videos
Whiteboard Videos

We’ve developed a method for creating great real whiteboard animations. Sometimes there’s no better way to get your message across.